CSA Week 1

You know how sometimes you anticipate something for a really long time and get so worked up about it that it just disappoints when you finally get it?  Well, my CSA box is not like that.  At all.

Last Thursday, I picked up my first CSA box and it was like Christmas! I was so stoked.  And I still am!  Here’s what I got and what I’ve been making:

2015-05-28 18.07.47

Week 1 box:

  • 1 bunch turnips (with beautiful tops)
  • 1 bunch red ursa kale
  • 1 bunch mizuna
  • 1 head green garlic
  • 2 heads bok choi
  • 1 head romaine

The night I picked up the box I made Angela’s caesar salad from the Oh She Glows cookbook with the head of romaine lettuce.  Super tasty – but no photos because we were hungry.  However, the following night, I used the caesar salad dressing again, but this time on some of the mizuna in the pic below.  Her (my) plate: roasted carrots. His plate: breaded cod.  Also served with pesto quinoa.  Yum.

2015-05-29 18.49.38-1

Tonight I was home late so Sam made himself a frozen pizza for dinner – and I was very tempted to order take-out and laze around because it’s Saturday!  But, all the fresh veggie in my fridge demanded some attention.  So I decided to cook instead.  I used Jeanine’s recipe for inspiration using what I had on hand.  I used my beautiful turnip greens in place of the chard, some chopped green garlic for the scallions, brown rice for the wheatberries, turnips for the radishes and the herbed croutons from the Oh She Glow’s cookbook sprinkled on top instead of toasted almonds.

2015-05-30 19.32.55-1

So, so good.  I’m so happy I decided to cook instead of order take-out. This CSA box is a beautiful thing and I can’t wait to cook with more fresh veggies than ever!

Next on the menu – I’m thinking of making some pickles with the rest of my turnips and using them in some spring rolls or a rice bowl with the bok choi.  Then a salad with the mizuna and who knows what with kale… because kale is good in anything 🙂


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