I really enjoyed looking back at my list of things to do while 23 and decided I wanted to make another list for this year!  A lot has changed since last year, notably that Sam and I broke up and I moved into a studio apartment by myself.  The best part?  I’m absolutely loving it!!  Life is good and I’m ready for more adventures.  Without further adieu, here is my list of 24 things to do during my 24th year on this lovely planet:

  1. Get the tattoo I’ve been talking about for years (FOR REALS THIS TIME) check!!!!!! 3/24/2016
  2. Take a class in Computer Science and ACE it (CS 162 @ PSU) check!
  3. Publish a blog post weekly (hah)
  4. Share my blog with friends/family (this will also help my accountability with #3)
  5. Give more hand-made gifts (Christmas, I’m looking at youfailed on this last year… let’s try again. I made granola and wrapped them in cute jars, yay!! Check!
  6. Visit Courtney in Hawaii (scheduled for June!) – change of plans… moving to Boston instead
  7. Take singing lessons (another miss last year I’d still like to do)
  8. Bake a layer cake for somebody’s birthday (again, missed it last year, so this year it is!) Done, just in time… October 8th for my own birthday 🙂
  9. Bring home-baked goods in to work (again, missed last year) Brought in the little hand pies I made!
  10. Pay for a stranger’s cup of coffee (somehow I missed this very simple one)
  11. Give out tokens to people on the street (http://givetokens.org/I gave a guy bus fair… does that count? 3/27
  12. Go to a football game (Seahawks game in Seattle NE?, here I come!)
  13. Write out “my story”
  14. camp in the North Cascades (probably Acadia?) with mama again — camped in the Berkshires in MA instead.
  15. visit a hot spring
  16. summit south sister and camp at the top
  17. “unplug” for an entire week
  18. Ask for a raise check!  New job, more $$
  19. Host a dinner at my apt (check! 10/9/2015)
  20. Build something (got a tool set for my birthday, so that’s a good start)
  21. give blood
  22. Make vegan ravioli (http://www.ohladycakes.com/2015/04/broccoli-and-sunflower-seed-ravioli-with-cashew-vodka-sauce.html) check!  Best Valentine’s Day date I’ve ever had 🙂
  23. And then make these cute little hand pies with the ravioli stamp I will have from making ravioli (http://www.ohladycakes.com/2014/01/two-bite-blackberry-jam-pies-for-thom-with-love.htmldone!
  24. Take a road trip somewhere fun (Zion? Ooooor Boston) Road tripped to Boston!

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