On Turning Twenty-five + 25 things to do this year

So, this last year has been absolutely life-changing.  I haven’t posted here at all, but I moved to Boston to start a new job and moved in with the most wonderful human being ever [his name is Kevin Barnett].  And it’s been so much fun.


My  mom is coming came out to visit for my birthday and I’m super excited for that it was the best birthday gift ever!


I did alright on the list from last year, but I did so much more that wasn’t even on the list.  Things like, backpack in New Hampshire, drive across the country, or explore downtown Boston.  I still love making the lists (I even bought a journal that is full of lists) but I also totally recognize I won’t ever accomplish all of it.  Fortunately, most of the time other more fun things I never could have dreamed up happen instead!  So, here’s to another year exploring this beautiful planet 🙂

  1. Publish a blog post monthly (since I can’t seem to do weekly… or at all)
  2. Visit New York City
  3. Visit Washington, DC and see more of the Smithsonian museums
  4. Find something I love about Boston (Running in the fall weather – gorgeous leaves, also running in the snow!)
  5. Learn to can foods canned apple butter
  6. Learn to bake bread from scratch (mostly Kevin did this… but I’ll count it as me too 🙂
  7. Host a dinner at our house (dinner for Mom & Molly for my Birthday)
  8. Get a puppy got Nahla… but returned her because she wanted to eat Mango 😦
  9. Watch a sunrise over the Atlantic October 8th, just in time!
  10. Make a scarf
  11. Teach yoga No dice here… should have taken a baby step and tried to get certified to teach first!
  12. paint a painting for our house
  13. send out Christmas cards to all our friends and family (check!  They were handmade too.)
  14. go skinny dipping
  15. Go on a picnic
  16. Walk the strip in Las Vegas
  17. Read some books Uh, very few… finally read the particular sadness of lemon cake and the omnivore’s dilemma
  18. start a card club/board game group
  19. Make beer bread
  20. Do something I’m proud of at work
  21. Join a softball team Tried, but the league got canceled because there weren’t enough players 😦
  22. Make a snowman Kevin did this… so I’m counting it.
  23. Visit Cape Cod Birthday weekend!
  24. Make a wreath
  25. Make my dad’s old turquoise ring into a necklace pendant and I LOVE it!

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