Hi there.  My name is Lacey.  Some facts about me:

  • I’m from Portland, OR
  • I am an engineer
  • I love to be outside
  • I especially love to be active outside: running, biking, hiking, etc.
  • And I love food

Plants + polka dots is a place for me to share some of the things I create, mostly in the kitchen.  I eat a plant-based diet and call myself “borderline vegan”.  Basically, I like to be vegan when I can.

The main reason I have chosen a plant-based diet is because of the negative environmental impacts of our energy-intensive food production system.  I have always been an environmentalist and I love the outdoors, so I want to minimize my footprint.  And I eat eggs because I know lots of happy chickens that produce them (urban farmers in Portland are for real).

I have had a difficult relationship with food that I continue to struggle with, but I have come a long way.  Reading other peoples’ food blogs really helped me deal with my disordered eating and I’ve always wanted to start one myself.  So here it is, I hope you enjoy!


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